"The Conservatives have embraced Britain’s decline

If the party wanted to win the next election, it would be cutting taxes to pursue growth. It has instead chosen defeat"


Telegraph: 9th March 2024: Successful hotelier and former Conservative Party donor, Sir Rocco Forte, gives his verdict on the Spring Budget 

"The Budget represented a last chance for the Conservative Party... to shift the dial ahead of the next general election. Sadly, we can now see that strategic vision about where we are going as a country is entirely lacking...

With the tax burden heading for a 70-year high, what we saw from the Chancellor was mere tinkering. People are not cuts are more than cancelled out by the stealth tax raid.

...monetary inflation looks like returning to 2 per cent soon, it’s time for the Bank of England to start lowering rates... Millions of people are being dragged into higher rates of tax thanks to the decisions this Government had made... 

...we heard nothing about business rates, nothing that will seriously encourage investment and nothing for pensioners...

Instead of cutting the tax burden, however, one of the Chancellor’s big announcements was stolen wholesale from the Labour Party – the abolition of non-dom status... Already, I know of several wealthy entrepreneurs who have left the UK, disillusioned about the state of the country. Abolishing non-dom status will only mean more to follow.

A Conservative Party serious about winning the next election would be seizing Brexit freedoms and deregulating... Sadly, it is instead embracing declinism – and will reap the inevitable electoral result."