"It’s time to finish the work of Brexit, and finally bring control back to our sovereign Parliament

A ludicrous decision in Strasbourg proves that we must leave the ECHR or be governed by the whims of judges"


Telegraph: 13th April 2024: Dan Hannan writes on why we must call time on the ECHR 

"...In their partisan fervour, the blue-robed judges have forced our hand. Their demand that Switzerland adopt more aggressive net zero policies is so partial, so at odds with any sensible reading of the text of the European Convention and so incompatible with representative government that it leaves us (and every other self-respecting democracy) with no option but to leave.

Quitting will not be straightforward. Our legal bigwigs, supported by legions of quangocrats, academics and civil servants, will launch the same attritional war that they did against Brexit...

...ou can quite understand why Rishi Sunak... has been reluctant to take such a step....A fresh government might have had the mandate and momentum to face down the barristocracy...

But the Strasbourg court has not given us any choice. If it thinks there is a human right to specific climate mitigation policies, it might just as easily declare that there is a human right to be given a particular type of housing, a certain level of healthcare, a given number of years in education – you name it. At which point, there is no purpose in holding elections..."