"We’ve seen failure after failure and apology after apology. It’s time for a fresh start"



Telegraph: 20th April 2024: Suella Braverman writes why she believes Sir Mark Rowley needs to go 

"Our police officers are required to police without fear or favour. Upon joining the service, they pledge to afford “equal respect to all people” and act with “fairness and impartiality”. This is so everyone can have confidence in their even-handed enforcement of the law.

But after this week, I’m beginning to wonder if this cornerstone of our policing still stands. I’ve seen too much fear and even more favouritism in the policing of pro-Palestinian protests.

Six months ago, I wrote about the perception of two-tier policing, with marchers engaged in weekly carnivals of hate treated with kid gloves while Jewish people were forced out of London at weekends and told to keep their heads down... My complaint is not against officers on the ground. Their job is incredibly difficult... 

Now we come to last week, when we saw a man told that he looked “openly Jewish”, and threatened with arrest if he did not leave the area around the marchers... If the marches are so peaceful, why was an “openly Jewish” man stopped from walking near them? Despite the apology and then the apology for the apology, the truth is chilling. Over the past six months, we’ve seen failure after failure by the Met... 

... There has been ample time to improve but it only gets worse... after such a litany of failure and a wholesale refusal to change, the Met commissioner needs to accept responsibility. And he must go."