"Former home secretary ‘ashamed’ by levels of anti-Semitism in Britain and says: ‘Hamas must be eliminated'


Telegraph: 1st April 2024: Telegraph reports Suella's criticism of the Foreign Office for allowing a “pro-Palestine” prevailing view to take hold

"Suella Braverman has hit out at the Government for “backsliding” on its support for Israel...

On a tour of sites attacked by Hamas on Oct 7, Mrs Braverman insisted this was not the time for Britain to “walk away” from Israel... Lord Cameron, the Foreign Secretary, ... is reportedly threatening to cut off arms supplies ...the former home secretary said she had received reassurances that Israel was not in breach of international law and was allowing aid into Gaza...

Mrs Braverman also said she was “ashamed” by the levels of anti-Semitism she said had gripped the UK in the wake of the Hamas massacre.

She accused the BBC of “bias”, warned against anti-Jewish attacks in the workplace and on university campuses and said that, if she had remained home secretary, she would have passed legislation to prevent “hate marches” taking place on a weekly basis...

Describing Hamas as a “death cult”, she added: “This is a time for strengthening our support for Israel... [Hamas] said themselves Oct 7 was only a rehearsal and they will stop at nothing to destroy Israel. 

“Hamas must be eliminated. They must be totally degraded. If we don’t destroy these evil forces of terrorism, which are not just here but presenting themselves in many forms around the world, then Western civilisation faces a real threat itself.”