"Conservatism is popular – when it solves problems

Promoting common-sense solutions to our daily difficulties is essential. That is why I’m launching a new campaign this week"


The Telegraph: 4th February 2024 : Article by Mark Littlewood explaining the need for PopCon

"The fate of a government is determined by the results that it achieves, rather than the promises that it makes. In 2019, the Conservatives showed voters that they were prepared to do whatever it took to get Brexit done. As a result, the party was rewarded with the biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher.  

Many Tories currently are feeling a sense of malaise, yet another leadership election would be madness. Rishi Sunak must lead the party into this year’s general election. What the party need is the right policies – and then to push those policies through.

We know that Conservative principles are popular in the country. But this only translates into electoral success when actual results are shown. 

The challenge is that, in the post-Blair world, obstacles exist at every turn. The institutional and legal structure of the UK is now geared against achieving Conservative goals.


"This is why I am launching a new grassroots movement of Popular Conservatism this week, alongside senior Conservative MPs and some newly selected candidates. PopCon’s mission is twofold: first, to inform and educate candidates and MPs about the need to reform Britain’s bureaucratic structures to allow Conservatives values to flourish. And second, to advance these policies across the country, whilst demonstrating their popularity.