The Bill – which is due to receive its second reading on Friday 15th March – would ensure that single-sex spaces like school toilets remain “sacrosanct” for girls and women. 



Ahead of the Second Reading of her Health and Equality Acts (Amendment) Bill on Friday 15th March, Liz Truss has invited the Government to strike a blow against the excesses of extreme trans ideology and back her proposals both to protect children from harm and safeguard girls' and women-only spaces for biological females.


The Bill encompasses the following measures

  • Changing the law to define ‘sex’ as ‘biological sex’

  • Preventing anyone in an official capacity from claiming that a child is the opposite sex

  • Banning the prescription of body-altering hormones to children questioning their sex, both privately and on the NHS

Liz Truss says:

"My Bill will for the first time define sex in law as biological sex, thereby ending the absurd and dangerous situation where biological males self-defining as females can access girls’ and women’s toilets and so on – as well as sports competitions.
“It will provide protection for vulnerable children and teenagers who otherwise could be led down a path of making body-altering decisions that they may come to regret, while giving essential legal clarity to parents and teachers.
“It is clear that non-statutory guidance in this area is insufficient because extreme advocates of trans ideology have already bragged that it can be ignored or flouted. This is why I am introducing my Bill, so that the law of the land is clear and loopholes are closed.
“These are common sense measures which enjoy widespread support across the country. While Keir Starmer and the Labour Party continue to tie themselves in knots over their inability to define what a woman is, my Bill offers the Government in this election year the opportunity to show that it is only the Conservatives who are prepared to challenge the gender ideologues and provide much-needed protection for children.
“My Bill is now tabled. The Government should give it their full support so that children are protected while parents and teachers are given legal clarity in the face of a campaign of misinformation being waged by extreme trans activists.”


Sharron Davies MBE, campaigner, Olympic medal-winning swimmer and author of Unfair Play, has given the Bill her backing. She said:

“The law must be clear that biological sex is what matters. It matters in sports, in schools and in healthcare. This bill contains common sense proposals, providing much-needed protections that politicians of all colours must support to protect the rights of women and children.”


The Bill also has the support of Maya Forstater, Co-Founder of Sex Matters and successful claimant in a landmark employment tribunal after being fired for describing transgender women as men. She said:

“This bill focuses on the three areas where clarity in the law is urgently needed to combat the influence of lobby groups that have captured institutions and are misrepresenting the law.
“First, schools should not be pretending that any child has changed sex. Second, doctors must not interfere with the natural process of a child’s healthy puberty. And third, the definition of sex in the Equality Act should be clear.
“These three measures would protect women’s rights and children’s welfare.”


TAKE ACTION: To show your support for this Bill, email your MP today HERE telling them you back the Liz Truss Single-Sex Spaces and Protection of Children Bill. 


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