Fury at state-funded V&A, headed by ex-Labour MP Tristram Hunt, for listing Margaret Thatcher as a "contemporary villain" alongside Hitler and Bin Laden

There has been widespread outrage and calls for the museum to be stripped of funding following its decision to put a sign near a display about Punch and Judy stating: “Over the years, the evil character in this seaside puppet show has shifted from the Devil to unpopular public figures including Adolf Hitler, Margaret Thatcher and Osama bin Laden, to offer contemporary villains.” The Daily Mail reports that according to 2022-2023 figures the museum received most of its income - more than £67million - from the taxpayer via the Department of Culture.

Sir Connor Burns, Conservative MP for Bournemouth, said: “Whoever wrote that caption should be called out publicly for being a moron, or perhaps more usefully sent to read a Ladybird book of modern world history. “It is sadly symptomatic of the woke, luvvie-dom nonsense that persists in our public institutions."

Sir Iain Duncan Smith said: “Given the fact that MPs are now regularly receiving death threats, myself included, from extremists and others, this V&A exhibition is ill-thought and mendacious," he also said "They must live in a bubble, away from the real world to think that it is rational to propose that a politician of the stature of Margaret Thatcher would equate to any of those mass murderers and vile human beings."

Camilla Tominey (Telegraph) wrote: "It’s staggeringly offensive to bracket Britain’s first female Prime Minister with a genocidal maniac and a terrorist"

Ben Habib, Reform Party, calls for those making the decision to be sacked: watch Habib on GN News here

The V&A's response so far? A disdainful "The V&A is always open to feedback from our visitors. In response to some concerns around a caption in the Punch and Judy case of our Laughing Matters display – telling the story of British satire and comedy – we will review the relevant label text and update the wording if necessary."

[Newsdesk says: The initial decision and its sneery response to criticism is a further demonstration of how much the elites in UK society hate this country, its history and culture and will stop at nothing to demonstrate its loathing of who we are. The contempt displayed by a state-funded body for Britain's first female and longest serving Post-War Prime Minister is simply jaw-dropping.]