Nigel Farage on why Liz Truss was right and who brought her down... and pretty much quotes PopCon mission into the bargain



In an interview for Disruptors podcast, released this week, self-proclaimed "radical" Nigel Farage did indeed say that what Liz was trying to do was right and she was pushed out.

When asked who pushed Liz out of No10, Nigel says

"The Bank of England...the eve of the budget... they sold gilts...deliberate attempt to spook the markets... the treasury were against her... the international monetary fund were against her... the White House were against her... the globalists don't want lower taxes... she wanted lower taxes... I want lower taxes... so she was forced out..." 

Nigel also goes onto speak to the heart of PopCon's mission.

"...we need to break treasury model... we need a war against the Bank of England... a war against the increasingly bureaucratic state that has more power over our lives than elected politicians... this is all a result of Blairs''s the judges...the civil servants and bureaucrats that really control our lives... there needs to be a political revolution..."

Click here for 1-minute summary of the Farage view of Truss or you can listen to the full podcast here.