Popular Conservatism responds to the devastating defeat for the Conservative Party



The so-called "moderate One Nation Tories", who have been in charge of the party for decades, have betrayed their colleagues and voters. The British public have made their disaffection for the social democrat Conservative leadership clear. Dozens of real Conservative candidates have forfeited their seats and ensured a Labour landslide because the leadership had no vision, no mission and no backbone.

During the campaign the tension on the doorsteps was clear. Candidates who believe in core Conservative values found they had no story to tell voters on current policy nor a track record to sell except their own at a constituency level. The British public voted the Conservatives into Downing Street to implement the Conservative principles of a small state, low taxes, robustly controlled immigration and freedom of the individual.

What the One Nation moderates delivered was a left-wing agenda of a big state, high taxes, free-for-all immigration and an ever more invasive nanny state. The British voter should never be taken for granted, nor taken for a fool, and easily saw through the lip service paid to Tory values: electors knew the Conservatives hadn’t done what they had promised.

It is time for all Conservatives, the remaining Members of Parliament and the membership, to return to its core values and reassess policies to regain the trust of the electorate. It is imperative that the party develops a more compelling vision that addresses net zero, implements robust and democratic immigration controls by leaving the ECHR, and devises a tax policy that fosters economic growth whilst reducing the burden on taxpayers.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Head of Communications for Popular Conservatism, commented:

"The election results reflect a clear message from the electorate: the need for strong, visionary leadership that addresses their concerns head-on. The moderate faction's failure to provide concrete solutions to pressing issues has cost us dearly. Whether we look back to George Osborne undertaking austerity without reducing the size of the state, to David Cameron’s costly net zero zealotry, Rishi Sunak’s big-spending, big-state, high-tax economy or senior Cabinet ministers' failure to scrap costly European legislation after we left the EU, the Conservative hierarchy has failed in its democratic mandate.

“The election outcome serves as a pivotal moment for the Conservative Party to redefine its direction and reconnect with the voters. Only through decisive, forward-thinking, proper Conservative leadership can the party hope to regain its standing and effectively serve the nation's interests.”