Chorus of voices accuse Labour MPs of blocking Liz Truss' Single-Sex Spaces and Protection of Children Bill



Shocking behaviour was witnesed in the Houses of Parliament today [Friday 15th March] when Liz Truss' Private Members Bill [details below] was timed out due to the cyncical filibustering of Labour MPs in earlier debates - drawing anger from Liz Truss, Kemi Badenoch and others. 


Liz Truss statement: "Concerned parents will want to know why Labour don’t even want to discuss how to protect children and single sex spaces, let alone put those protections into law. Labour care more about ideology than the protection of children."


Kemi Badenoch on Twitter: "Just now Labour MPs prevented debate on a new law to protect children and single sex spaces. Instead they used parliamentary time to discuss ferret name choices. @Keir_Starmer is terrified of debate on safeguarding & his MPs actively work to ignore the concerns of constituents"


Because of Labour Party actions the Health and Equality Acts (Amendment) Bill has now been rescheduled to be debated at a later date. The truth is, however, that it will fall to the bottom of the priority list, meaning it is highly unlikely to ever make it back to Parliament to be debated.  


TAKE ACTION: Email your MP today HERE telling them you back the Liz Truss Single-Sex Spaces and Protection of Children Bill and that the Govenment should take this Bill forward as Goverment legislation. 



The Health and Equality Acts (Amendment) Bill proposed the following measures:

  • Changing the law to define ‘sex’ as ‘biological sex’

  • Preventing anyone in an official capacity from claiming that a child is the opposite sex

  • Banning the prescription of body-altering hormones to children questioning their sex, both privately and on the NHS 

It had wide support and looked set to have a good hearing when debated.

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