"Obviously biased Left-wing studio audiences shame the BBC"



Telegraph: 30th April 2024: Charles Moore writes on his experience at a recent BBC programme

"Last Thursday, I appeared on BBC Question Time... I... asked how the studio audience would be selected.... The BBC reassured me: “There is an audience producer and 2 audience researchers whose role is to... vet every member of the audience... to ensure that they are who they say they are and hold the views which they claim... This … should mean the audience is more representative than your last appearance.”

...What there was, however, was the most unrepresentative audience unanimity.... Without, I think, a single exception, they all expressed Left-wing views.... everything was the Government’s fault for not spending enough money... no illegal immigration controls... Everyone who wants a sick note should have one. The place was almost literally an echo chamber.

When I complained afterwards to the friendly staff, it was explained that the majority of those chosen had told the audience selectors they had voted Tory at the 2019 election. This prompts two questions.... 

This issue will become hotter in the coming general election debates as party supporters try to pack the audiences. If studio audiences are unrepresentative, how can the BBC perform its impartiality function?"


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