"TfL killjoys ban comedian and food podcast star Ed Gamble's stand-up tour poster featuring a hot dog because it 'promotes obesity' approve alternative ad with a cucumber instead"


Daily Mail: 27th March 2024: Daily Mail highlights just how ludicrous nannying from state bureaucrats has become in the UK 

"TfL bosses have come under fire again after banning yet another advert because it supposedly 'promotes obesity' by featuring a hot dog. 

Organisers for comedian and food podcast star Ed Gamble's upcoming stand-up tour - called 'Hot Diggity Dog' - created a poster featuring the fast-food favourite.

However, despite spending nearly £10,000 on design and print, they were told to alter the poster because it did not comply with the organisation's advertising policy on promoting 'the consumption of high fat, salt and sugar foods'.

This comes after two West End plays were also forced to change the designs of their posters last year due to them 'promoting obesity' and 'resembling graffiti'.


[Newsdesk says: It seems totally absurd to us that TFL is wasting time on policing peoples eating habits rather than sorting out the chronic traffic situation in London.]