"Richard Tice’s Right-of-centre party wants to make ‘tough decisions’ and have ‘difficult conversations’ about the future of the country"


Telegraph: 16th February 2024: Report summarising Reform UK pledges recently published.

The party has ...unveiled a draft manifesto titled Our Contract with You. Here is a summary of its pledges.

NHS: "Reform would aim to cut NHS waiting lists to zero in the space of two years... exempt two million frontline healthcare and social care workers from the basic rate of income tax for three years... NHS patients would receive a voucher for fully-funded private treatment if they could not see a GP within three days....Tax relief of 20 per cent would be introduced on all private healthcare...

Tax: "...Reform would raise the minimum income tax threshold from £12,571 to £20,000... raising the higher 40p rate threshold from around £50,000 to £70,000. Stamp duty would be scrapped for properties valued less than £750,000... inheritance tax would be “abolished” for all estates worth under £2 million...scrap VAT on energy bills... lowering fuel duty by 20p per litre... reducing VAT from 20 per cent to 18 per cent....Government spending would be reduced by £5 in every £100, amounting to £50 billion a year."

Eocnomy: " would reduce the main corporation tax rate from 25 per cent to 20 per cent... the abolition of IR35 rules... Business rates would be scrapped for small and medium firms... an online delivery tax, levied at three per cent...The VAT threshold would be raised to £120,000...

Environment: "It would nationalise 50 per cent of key utility companies, such as energy and water... New housing on brownfield sites would be fast tracked... increase the farming budget to £3 billion ... end to all climate-related farming subsidies. Hunting and shooting would be protected... Fish processing in the UK would be rebuilt, a coastal fund similar to a sovereign wealth fund launched..."

Net Zero: "Reform would abandon all existing carbon emissions targets... accelerate oil and gas licences in the North Sea... build high-efficiency combined cycle gas turbines and restart coal mines “using the latest cleanest techniques” ...shale gas licences would be granted across test sites for two years... clean nuclear energy would also be sped up... domestic lithium mining would increase to reduce overseas dependence on electric batteries. An annual £10 billion of green energy subsidies would be scrapped.

Education: "Reform would require universities to provide two-year courses... Interest on student loans would be scrapped... crack down on “woke ideology” in schools and universities, banning the teaching of contested gender ideology and critical race theory in schools, with children instead taught “there are two sexes and two genders”.

More on all the above plus defence, pensions and welfare, policing and crime can be found in the full article.