"The government does not want you to know this, but I think you have a right to know..."


GB News: 2nd April 2024: Patrick Christys highlights research of journalist Charlotte Gill on Britain's woke spending bill 

"...There is a group called UK Research and Innovation that receives £8bn of your money every single year... It then gives your money to so-called academics so they can do research projects into hard-left, hyper-woke progressive rubbish.

Here are some examples: You spent £842,000 on The Europe That Gay Porn Built 1945-2000: How did the growing transnational circulation of gay male erotica and porn magazines in postwar Europe contribute to the development of a shared identity and sense of belonging among European gay men? You spent £759k on a study into Comics and Race in Latin America... You gifted just under £1m to the University of Westminster so they could look into FemIdeas: Decolonising Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Higher Education... £177,422 was spent on Queer Music, Queer Theory, Queer Music Theory at the University of Southampton which poses the pressing question: If the composer is queer is their music queer too?...[More examples given over on the GB news website...]

It gets worse: Arts Council England receives £445m in public funds a year - that money goes towards funding things like Femmes of Colour - a show described as ‘a riot of positivity and inclusivity’ where ‘white audience members are invited to check their privilege at the door’.

...Local authorities have spent a total of almost £52 million on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion roles in the last three financial years...

The Civil service reportedly spent at least £250,000 on a diversity employment body called Vercida - a “tech platform aimed at jobseekers looking to work for employers that place diversity, inclusion and well-being at the top of the agenda”...