"Unelected judges have too much power, Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg warns as he claims the sovereignty of Parliament has been 'eroded' in recent years by an 'activist judiciary'

"Former business secretary to highlight the growing influence of ECHR"


Daily Mail: 5th February 2024: Article reporting on Rt Hon Jacob-Rees-Mogg's views on judiciary and other issues 

"Unelected judges hold too much power in Britain today, a former Cabinet minister will warn this week.

Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg will state that the sovereignty of Parliament has been 'eroded' by an 'activist judiciary', at the launch of a new Tory pressure group tomorrow.

He will highlight the growing influence of the European Court of Human Rights, blamed by many on the right for Britain's inability to deport failed asylum seekers.

Sir Jacob will also take aim at former Supreme Court president Baroness Hale, describing her vote against the latest Rwanda Bill in the Lords as an 'unusual event'. He will claim it reinforces the view that she was a 'politicised judge'.

At the Popular Conservatism event in Westminster, the former business secretary will say: 'These efforts to override Parliament need to be reversed, as the rule of law must not become the rule of lawyers. 


"He will also cite ongoing protests by farmers in France, Germany and Belgium as evidence of a 'global disconnect' between politicians and people and say: 'We have seen power go from the democratic parts of the constitution to the appointed parts.

'This has made the Government less responsive to the needs of the people and closer to those who have a hierarchical, internationalist view of government.

'Popular conservatism is about restoring this balance and returning power to Parliament, while taking it away from quangos and a judiciary that has become more political.'