"Tory members shouldn’t pick leaders while party is in government, says Graham Brady"


Telegraph: 29th April 2024: Report on Sir Graham Brady remarks to students 

"Conservative Party members should be stripped of the ability to pick their leader when the Tories are in government, the chairman of the 1922 committee has said....He said it was “crazy” that while MPs determined whether a leader was kept in place through the no confidence letters system, Tory members selected a new prime minister...

Sir Graham’s remarks will raise suspicions that, should Mr Sunak be toppled, Tory party members would be circumvented in the process for picking his successor before the general election...

... in recent years some have questioned whether the members, who selected Ms Truss over Mr Sunak in the 2022 contest to replace Boris Johnson, should have the final say. That year, Lord Hague said members should no longer pick Tory leaders...

...“I think it’s fine to have the party members voting on the leader when you’re in opposition. But in a parliamentary system where essentially you could only remain prime minister if you enjoyed the confidence of your party in Parliament, it seems to me crazy that we now have different mechanisms in that the parliamentary party... “The Conservative members of Parliament can get rid of the leader by voting no confidence, but then the leader is supplied by the party members..."


PopCon says: Hmmm... perhaps rather than stripping Conservative Party members of the right to decide on their Party leader, there might be a case for stripping MPs of the right to get rid of the leader without members agreement?

See also this statement from CDO: