"The BBC is blinded by its bias against GB News

The Today programme hosts can’t stop taking shots at our fledgling broadcaster, forgetting that this kind of prejudice is why it was created"


Telegraph: 26th April 2024: William Sitwell writes on BBC bias and how it created the demand for GB News

"... Nick Robinson... has been frothing and squirming, apoplectic... at the sight of that irritant GB News... Incredulous... no one is stopping it and shutting it down...

Robinson has been fuming on Twitter “So Nigel Farage can present an ‘impartial’ programme on a TV ‘news’ channel during the general election...” ...“Dear Ofcom, for clarity can you confirm that other politicians like Nigel Farage who are not candidates can present ‘impartial’ programmes on ‘news’ channels during an election?” 

... he took up the subject on The Today Podcast (paid for by the BBC licence-fee payer...). “Right-wingers set it up, Right-wingers fund it, the presenters are Right wing,” he moaned. “A politician interviewing a politician isn’t journalism,” he went on. 

... Robinson... may actually be right... But while the existence of GB News so riles the Today gang, perhaps they ought to... realise that the reason GB News exists is because of their ilk... And it’s that strong whiff of institutionalised bias, of Left-wing consensus, that emanates from the BBC; such a strong whiff that not only led to the launch of the channel, but saw audiences flock to it – and continue to do so...

In the words of one of the current presenters, Albie Amankona: “[GB News was] set up to challenge what happens in traditional media outlets and that’s what we do every day – challenge a liberal metropolitan consensus and give under-represented voices a way to speak to the nation in a different way.”..."

...GB News exists because of the BBC..."


[Newsdesk says: Read also "BBC underattack again for bias" and note that Nick Robinson will present the BBC’s flagship series of TV interviews with party leaders in the run up to the General Election.]