"Nigel Farage to attend Liz Truss’s latest comeback bid with launch of ‘Popular Conservatism’"


Independent: 4th February 2024:Independent news article reporting that journalist to attend Popular Conservatism launch 

"Nigel Farage is planning to attend the launch of Liz Truss’s new “Popular Conservatism” project this week, as the former prime minister attempts to rally right-wing Tory MPs.

The former UKIP leader is said to be one of hundreds of guests planning to attend the conference in London and will join Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg and former Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson, who will be speaking at the event.

The so-called PopCons movement is Ms Truss’s latest project since she was forced out of Downing Street. It is a platform for right-wing MPs to push Rishi Sunak to adopt hardline policies on immigration and tax before this year’s general election.

The attendance of Mr Farage, reported by The Sunday Times, will pile pressure on Mr Sunak to listen to the group as he remains a hero of much of the Tory right.
Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, the arch-Brexiteer said he was “very interested” in the event, which he is attending in his capacity as a GB News presenter.


"It [PopCon] promises a “new movement aiming to restore democratic accountability to Britain” and deliver “popular” Tory policies.

The Independent understands that the group is aiming to help shape the next Conservative manifesto in the months ahead, as Mr Sunak and party chiefs prepare their election campaign for the second half of 2024.



[Newsdesk says: We confirm, at time of writing, that Mr Nigel Farage, along with scores of other journalists, from a wide range of media outlets, has applied for media accreditation at the PopCon launch. Can't quite see the point of the headline in the Independent, Times or elsewhere, unless, of course this is good old-fashioned mischief-making?]