"Put anti-woke agenda at heart of Tory manifesto, urges Liz Truss's 'PopCon' group"


"Liz Truss is set to launch a new 'Popular Conservatism' aimed at Tory members

It is expected to focus on weakening human rights and equalities legislation" 


Daily Mail: 6th January 2024: Daily Mail speculates on what Popular Conservativism will focus on, once launched

"A drive to put 'popular Conservative' policies and anti-woke measures at the heart of the next Election manifesto is set to be launched by Liz Truss and other top Tories.

The ex-Prime Minister will join Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, Priti Patel and Sir Simon Clarke to form a new 'Popular Conservatism' group, aimed at reconnecting Party members and stemming defections to Richard Tice's Reform UK.

The new 'PopCon' group will urge Rishi Sunak to go to the country later this year with policies that appeal to traditional Tory voters. 

The Mail on Sunday understands this could include amending the Equality Act, which some Tory MPs blame for watering down transgender guidance to schools.

PopCon may also call for reforms to the Human Rights Act, amid claims it cripples the Government's strategy to remove illegal migrants to Rwanda". 


"Last night, Sir Jacob said: 'It is only right that we try to ensure that the manifesto Rishi Sunak presents to the electorate is something that will chime with what Conservative voters want.

'That way we can help the PM to be re-elected and save the country from the disaster of a Starmer-led socialist government.