Mark Littlewood, our Director, explains...


"Popular Conservatism or 'PopCon' is about giving ordinary people, taxpayers and voters,  their freedom back. That was what Brexit was supposed to be about: taking back control.


Statists want to give this control to a swathe of international lawyers, unaccountable bodies and treaties, anonymous and unelected civil servants, quangos and central government departments.


We want power transferred to families, communities, businesses and individuals, instead – but the institutional infrastructure that has grown up in the past two or three decades mitigates against that. If we don’t have a plan to tackle these impediments to freedom, achieving conservative outcomes will forever feel like pushing water uphill.


There’s a sense of disenchantment with how democratic accountability has been gnawed away at for more than a generation. PopCon's aim - with your help - is to help overhaul Britain’s creaking and stifling bureaucracy to pave the way for a more peaceful and prosperous Britain.




  • first, to inform and educate candidates and MPs about the need to reform Britain’s bureaucratic structures to allow conservative values to flourish

  • and second, to advance these policies across the country, whilst demonstrating their popularity.


You can read more about why we think Popular Conservatism matters in this TELEGRAPH ARTICLE,  or this THE CRITIC ARTICLE, both authored by POPCON Director, Mark Littlewood.


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