1ST MAY 2024 : 6PM : ONLINE



Thank you to those who joined PopCon Director, Mark Littlewood and David Starkey CBE for a discussion about how conservatism has found itself where it is today; who or what's to blame; and how to put it right. 


Distinguished English historian, radio and television presenter, David was a Northern grammar-school boy, who proceeded to Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, before going on to pursue a successful career at the London School of Economics. David first appeared on television in 1977. While a regular contributor to the BBC Radio 4 debate programme The Moral Maze, his acerbic tongue earned him the sobriquet of "rudest man in Britain"; his frequent appearances on Question Time received with criticism and applause; and his historical documentaries are, quite simply, legend. 


Today, he is perhaps best known as an astute and forthright commentator - and has much to say on how Britain’s bureaucratic structures are now an active barrier to Britain flourishing. A casual skip through Google shows he has explained where woke culture comes from; highlighted how Labour killed the constitution; described UK universities as woke superspreaders, argued that the Conservative Party’s current plight is down to its total loss of historical tradition and warned those willing to listen that the rise and rule of the “liberal professions” has become one of the principal challenges to liberal democracy.


A rare opportunity not only to hear from the learned David Starkey - but put questions to him about all things cultural, constitutional and conservative.